Shechem Alpacas

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Huacaya Open Female

 Alpaca NameColorHeritageStatusAgePrice 
 Andes Acres Angel GirlMedium FawnProven9$3,000 
 Hidden Hill VeracityLight FawnProven7$6,000 
 Highland Accoyo TireeWhiteFull PeruvianProven9$7,000 
 Highland's Peruvian AnnieWhiteFull PeruvianProven10 
 Pepper Pot's Accoyo Astrid GraceWhiteNon-Breeder11 
 Pepper Pot's DanicaWhiteProven10$2,500 
 Shechem's Caledonian KateWhiteFull PeruvianUnproven6$3,500 
 Shechem's CariadBay BlackUnproven3 
 Shechem's FontaineLight FawnUnproven3 
 Shechem's HadassahBay BlackUnproven3 
 Shechem's OpalWhiteUnproven3 
 Shechem's Queen EstherBeigeProven6$4,000 
 Shechem's Song Of HappinessLight FawnUnproven5 
 Shechem's TruffleMedium BrownUnproven5